Tuesday, August 11, 2020

More work on the shop

More work on the shop:

The framing is mostly done, still need to weld the purlins on the roof trusses.  Hoping to get purlins as well as metal siding and roof done this week.  It takes a while when you're doing it yourself on days off.


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

I've always wanted one, now I have two

5.56 on top, 9mm on bottom (using Glock magazines of course)

The 9mm is an SBR and will soon be getting a suppressor and shorter barrel.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Time for a new Fixit Shop

It's been a while, and it seems it's time for a  new Fixit Shop.  I've started cleaning up around here, if anyone is still around you may notice a few changes here and there.  I'm also actually building a new Fixit Shop in meat space as well. 

A few years ago the wife and I bought some land and had a plan.  The immediate plan at the time was to build a "Barndominium" house to move into fairly quickly, and then to plan and build a 'real' house in a couple of years.  Well, we were at the point where the kids getting older, the oldest had been out on his own for a few years, middle son was about to leave for college and middle son would follow in a couple years.  We decided to stay in the Barnodinium. 

However, the original plan had been to build a house and then take in much of the living space and convert it to shop space.  Since we weren't moving, shop space never happened.  The growing mound of clutter and additional tools have made it very hard to actually do anything.  So, I am now building a detached shop building.  I'm excited.

Just a couple of days ago I got the concrete poured.  Since I have Champagne taste and a beer budget, I'm putting a lot of sweat equity into this.  Basically I'm doing 90% of the building myself, with he help of the youngest son who is now home from college for the summer.  We did the dirt work to build up the pad, and then set forms and leveled the interior.  I had a crew come in to set the steel and pour the concrete because that is just not a 1 or 2 man job and you can't do it at your own pace.

With the concrete done and curing, I now have a load of steel to do the framework.  This will be a 30x40 building with 12 foot sidewalls.  I need a 10 foot tall door to be able to get a tractor in, which requires the 12' walls.  The plan is for metal R-panel siding and spray foam insulation.  This would be a lot more fun if it wasn't already so hot.  

My plan is to keep a build log here, and maybe show some 'how-to' or at least 'how-I-did-it" in case anyone else is a glutton for punishment and want's to do their own.  If anyone has questions or comments, they are welcome.  I'm turning comments on with the hope I don't get spammed or no one gets stupid.  

Monday, March 26, 2018

One wonders.......

I just wonder....

  • if the strong feelings on both sides, the strong language, the name calling and finger pointing...
  • if the deeply opposing views being expressed today and in the last few weeks...
  • if the deeply and to some extent morally divided politicians...
  • if the public turning against each other over matters of whose 'rights' are more important...

I wonder if all of this wouldn't be eerily  familiar to someone from 1860.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

And so it goes.....

Departments and organizations have varying requirements for 'full disclosure' from their employees.  I have been informed that all digital media authored by employees must be reported. 

The short version is they want to be able to make sure you don't talk bad about the boss, and if you do they want to be able to identify you so they can stop you.  Rather than give in and allow them to read what was never meant for them, I torched it. 

I have toyed with the idea of blogging again, mainly projects I work on.  I may in fact do that at a later date, but it will be with the knowledge that 'They are watching'.

If you were a reader, thanks for the audience, thanks for the comments.