Monday, December 27, 2021

Shop build part 2

 After concrete the framing went up.  I 'designed' or I guess you could say built this with 3" columns and 3" girts or cross members on the walls.  I welded the girts between columns instead of the easier way of welding them on the outside.  This gave me something to screw to on the inside as well as the outside.

The roof purlins were simply run on top across multiple roof trusses because I wasn't going to attach anything under the roof.  After framing we skinned it with metal siding.

And finally it seemed, the Shop was in the dry.

And this is the point that, as with most projects, things went a bit of the tracks.  

I had carefully planned and budgeted for building 3 rooms inside, not including a large work area for my woodworking equipment.  One room was going to be the machine shop proper, a place for the milling machine and lathe separated from the rest of the shop in order to keep them cleaner. A second room was planned which would be where other clean type work would be done such as electrical/electronics and assembly work.  The third 'room' really wasn't going to be a room exactly since it wouldn't have a door or division but rather a semi-enclosed work area for my welders, grinders, sandblaster and other dirty work.

In addition to the carefully planned and budgeted work rooms this shop was going to have not only spray-in insulation but perhaps the greatest thing I could plan for a shop....Air conditioning.  

So, after getting it in the dry I needed to get the spray foam insulation applied to the inside of the metal before I could do anything else.  I had a friend from the Fire Department who owned a spray foam business.  He came out and had some equipment issues with his rig so it had to go to the shop.  Not a big deal and totally understandable.  A couple weeks later he came out again.  He told me as he was getting started that he didn't feel real well but he was going to get started that day and finish the next.  By the time he got everything put back together (from the shop, the didn't reassemble the hoses and gun) and sprayed one wall, he looked like bad.  That night he went to the hospital and was diagnosed with COVID.  He spent time in the hospital and when he got out he was a weak as a kitten, and was that way for months.  He was one of several in our department that were exposed and caught the COVID virus and had lasting issues.  My project was on hold

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