Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hi Power update

Been a while, thought I would show a little project I did a while back.   First, some background;
A friend of my Dad asked me to look at his Browning Hi Power a while back.  Turned out he was limp wristing the gun and nothing was wrong with it.  But, since getting to paw that particular weapon, I've been wanting one.  So when I found some ex-Israeli Hi Powers for sale, I bought one.

That is the way I got it.  Not to get to technical, but it is an Israeli contract with specific features that span the gap between type 2 and type 3 guns.  Some call it a type 2.5.  If you look close at the photo, just above the trigger, you will see the Star of David stamp which makes it an Israeli Police weapon.
These were manufactured by FN, as are all Hi Powers, even those with the Browning Markings.

I thought a new set of springs throughout would be in order and a generally good idea.  Since I would have to disassemble it to swap springs, I decided to upgrade the Parkerized finish with some Norell's Moly-Resin as well.

The semi-major changes I made were sights, grips, and safety.
The weapon came from the factory with a nice ambidextrous safety.  I decided to go with a single safety.  The factory part with the outboard lever removed was too long
so I shortened it to the point of the pin hole holding the lever on and rounded it off.
Sights were standard white outline factory sights, fitted in dovetails front and rear. I pushed them out
and replaced them with new night sights from Trijicon.
A new sear from EGW:
New hammer from Cylinder and Slide:

Wolff standard recoil spring and reduced hammer spring

A nice air brush and some Moly Resin, grey for the frame and slide, black for the bits and pieces.

And finally, some wood stocks or grips ('cause I like the way they look).

Put it in a bag and shake it all up, and here you go.

She shoots great.  The trigger is a little bit different from my 1911, not bad, but different.  It is very likely in the near future I will start carrying this on duty.

Mr Fixit

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