Friday, January 20, 2012

More on the Revolver

I have had a couple of emails about the revolver I spoke about in a previous post. I posted this on the S&W Forum and thought I might as well post it here too.

I received this revolver as a gift over Christmas from my Father-in-law. He also gave the boys several rifles that I did not expect. Heck, I never expected to be given a weapon at all. With so much going on, I kind of forgot what he told me about the weapon. A few days later, I emailed him asking for information about the weapon. He emailed me a pdf. file with the following information. Out of respect for the officers family, I have replaced the fallen officers name with "My friend", feeling that was appropriate. Included in the pdf. were copies of the Officers business card, his photo, and a newspaper article about his death.
The following was written to me from my F-I-L;

This revolver was purchased by "My friend" sometime in 1982. "My friend" was a Deputy Sheriff and Armorer in XXX County, Texas. He had “tuned” this pistol and was using it as one of his duty weapons.

"My friend" was shot with his own gun after being hit in the head with a full can of beer while investigating a domestic disturbance, 1986 in XXX. His attacker was later found “Not Guilty” by a jury in XXX Texas where the trial had been moved on a change of venue.

"My friend" died almost six months after being shot due to complications from his injury

"My friend" and I had been Friends and Hunting Partners for years. I served as a Pall Bearer (the only non-Law Enforcement) at his funeral. The funeral was held at XXX, Texas where he had served as Assistant Chief of Police for several years before moving to XXX County. After the funeral, the Sheriff & "My friends" Dad gave me his badge, shoulder patch and duty weapon, the one he was shot with. I received the pistol after the trial was held.

When the “L” frames first came out as a medium sized pistol, the grips were from the smaller “K” frame. "My friend" had bigger hands, like mine and changed the grips out for a “N” frame set (over-sized).
He had “tuned” the weapon for ease of operation and was still “tinkering” on it when he was shot.
The hunting season before he was shot (fall 1985), while we were hunting close to Eldorado, Texas, he shot a 8 point buck with this weapon using 158 grain semi-wad cutter. One shot, through the heart and the deer dropped on the spot.
In the 25 or so years since I have had this gun, except to clean it, I have never taken it out of the safe.
When he died, I was given his duty pistol, a Marlin .357 Magnum Lever Action Rifle he used as a “door gun” on his patrol car (passed on to Grandson #1) and a Smith and Wesson “Survival” knife (passed on to Grandson #2). These and the Pistol (passed on to Son-in Law Mr Fixit) were given out on December 26, 2011 as Christmas gifts.

These were given with the understanding they should be passed on in the family and not traded, sold or given away.
I hope they are used for shooting and hunting and enjoyed as much as "My friend" and I did.

I will be changing out the over sized grips or stocks as S&W calls them as soon as I can find (or possibly make) a set I like. I'm looking for finger grooved combat stocks for a square butt K frame if any of you have some just laying around. I'm looking for some nice wood, highly figured walnut or possibly fancy figured curly maple. Something a little dressy and not a laminate.

The gun needs a good cleaning and holster. But I am already enjoying it. I've taken it hunting, and have plans on taking some hogs with it soon.

I have already made the decision that it will go to my son who got the officers .357 Marlin lever action. It just seems like they need to be together again some day.

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Theresa said...

Why don’t you try handling Hunting Crossbows? It is something you just might get hooked on. I love hearing the satisfying thunk as it hits the targets. Lots of them around.