Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random thoughts and a S&W

OK, I can't do it. Anyone looking for the plans to the play set drop me an email and I'll send a PDF copy to you. Its like 40 pages, so you were warned.

I know I haven't' been here much. Truth is some of the things I'm doing I can't tell you about, and a lot of what I can just isn't real interesting.

I did get to spend yesterday sitting in the woods. I have to say that was really nice. Getting away from people and just spending some time alone.

I'm putting this out there, looking for other opinions....

I was given a S&W revolver. My wife's real father, who she hasn't seen since she was 3 (save for meeting him last summer) had us over for Christmas to meet the grandkids. He passed out several rifles to the boys, including a cut down Krag, Remington Rolling block (#5 I think) of probable South American origin, and some lever actions. To me he gave a S&W 586, saying it had been in law enforcement. It had belonged to a friend of his, and was one of his duty weapons. He also showed me documentation that the friend died in the line of duty, being wounded by his own weapon. Yes, that one. The one he gave me.

Thoughts? Opinions?


Mr Fixit


Ambulance Driver said...

That's just a wee bit creepy.

Robert said...

Yeesh. Wounded by his own hand (as in ND or...nevermind) or by somebody else? Bad juju in any case.