Monday, July 18, 2011

The answer

This took longer than I had planned. It wasn't that it was more work than I thought it would be, I just mis-judged how much time I had to work on it.

You start with a trailer load of treated lumber......

Cut it to specific and various sizes according to plan......

Add a specialized part or two if you have them......

And if your lucky, you end up with something like this.

Four levels, the two top levels being more than high enough to fall off of and break something.
Monkey bars, tunnel, climbing rope, swing, what more could you want?

The far end needs a "Pirate Ladder" or what I would call a "net ladder". Trouble is they don't make them anymore. So we're looking at maybe a home made rock wall.

The full story is that waaayyy back in the early 90's, I bought the plans for this thing, along with the tunnel as a "kit". We then bought the lumber and built it for my oldest son.

Well, 20 years later....youngest son wanted a 'fort'. We still had the plans, and the old set was pretty used up. So, we took the tunnel off and started again.

You can't buy these plans anymore. In fact, the only 'kits' I can find come with pre-cut ready to assemble wood. Trouble is they don't make a kit like this. All I can find only get about 4 feet above ground. Do you know how hard you have to try to break something if your only 4 feet up?

So, here we go. Since the company doesn't sell this kit anymore, and you can't get plans. And since I bought them and own them, I've decided to scan the plans as a pdf and post them here. Maybe someone else would like to build something like this. If anyone is interested in that let me know and I'll put them up here for use.

Just don't blame me when something gets broken.

Mr Fixit


FrankC said...

"Do you know how hard you have to try to break something if your only 4 feet up?"
So it's really a cunning plan for you to practice your ped. first aid skills.

FrankC said...

On sober (hah!) reflection it's going to be a great learning experience.
That learning being "Stupid hurts" as in "don't fall headfirst even from four feet."
Also "Daddy, I got a splinter (sliver?) in my hand." gets the "Here's the sandpaper son. Have at it."
Am I too harsh?

Mr. Fixit said...


No, actually we looked and looked for something new. Trouble is you just cant find much that doesn't expect parents to wrap kids in bubble wrap and send them out in a protective bubble.

We know the kids might get hurt, not very likely since even our youngest is pretty practical and smart, but it is a possiblilty. We'll deal with it if it happens.

But we're not going to limit them from doing things because of what might happen.

farmist said...

If everything was as dangerous as it's now made out to be, NONE of us would have lived to adulthood.
I think I'd like a copy of those plans - the great-nephew is now 17 months old, so I might get it done by time he's old enough to use it.

Anonymous said...

i think my first try failed

try here

and if you really want to kill them you could put up a 2 story spiderweb.


STxRynn said...

If you still decide to post them, I'd be interested. I have some grand kids that need this. Excellent workmanship by the way.

Anonymous said...

Wish I had a fort like that as a kid. i would have found multiple ways to skydive off!
Have you tried this place for your cargo/pirates net?

You might also try this place

Ver Sales is the go to rigging supplyer in Los Angeles for that mickey mouse place. If they cant make one for you they may be able to provide the name of the people who did the rope work on the Swiss family tree house rehab.
As I recall there was a new net built for that a few months ago.