Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A promise to myself and others

I haven't been very active here for a while, 'cause mainly I've been pretty active in real life. Our academy class graduated, hugged and shook hands, and promised to stay in touch. I was sworn in at my city, and the next Monday I started in class again. The Police recruits from our city do an in service training period, and I attended with them. We went over local policy, and got some more specific training in things like defensive tactics, use of force and some other classes.

Even after the police academy, I have learned much.

Many of the classes we had over these last few weeks either specifically or in reference talked about the reality of dealing with violence in our duties. Over and over we were taught that mindset and the will to survive are what keep you alive. It's not your size or strength, although they play a part. It's not your badge or baton or even your firearm that will save you in that dark hallway when backup is over two minutes away. Your life saving weapon is a warriors mind and outlook.

We talked quite openly with survivors of deadly incidents, what it was like, what they were thinking, what they did. The details were different, but the lesson was the same. When the world stopped and things went bad, it was the decisions they had made before, sometimes months or years before that allowed them to come out of that deep dark place alive to tell the story. We were told to 'what if' all types of situations and scenarios, to start thinking about what we would do so that in that terrible moment when we have to find a way, we have already thought of it and simply must carry it out.

For quite a while the Fire Service has used the motto "Everybody goes home" to describe our outlook. It means that we will take care of each other, that we will take great care in our driving to the scene, and in our actions on the fire ground to make sure that we all go home to our family. It means that if I find myself in trouble, my brothers and sisters will risk themselves to make sure I go home. They do this for me, because they know I will do that for them.

I have been told that writing things down is a good way to reinforce our plans. So this is mostly for me. Combining the 'what if' from the police side, and wanting to go home from the fire side. I write this for myself, to my family and friends, many of whom will never see it.

I will come home.

I will be a gentleman when I can. I will be respectful, courteous and polite when I can. I will laugh and enjoy life when I can. I will be trustworthy. I will be responsible. I will be honorable. I will come home.

I will plan as best I can. I will prepare myself and my tools. I will hope for the best and plan for the worst.

When we are apart, I will carry you with me. Your faces, love and friendship will be in my heart. Know that I will come home to you.

If ever I find myself in that dark place, if all else has failed and I am in that nightmare know this; I will come home. I will become that thing nightmares fear. The decision has been made now, and then when I must I will no longer be a gentleman. I will be violent enough soon enough. I will fight the threat as long as the threat exists. I will strike first, I will strike hard. I will cause pain, I will break bones, I will kick, punch, scratch, stab, cut and shoot. I will tear off ears and gouge out eyes. I will kill.

I will do anything and everything that I can so I can come home and see your faces and hear your voices. We will deal with the aftermath together, when I get home.

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Thank you. That really hit the spot.

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I work out of town a lot. I have to be on the road for days, in places that have no easy access. At times, those places aren't very nice, or maybe safe. I made this promise to my family years ago. I never was able to put it quite this well. Thanks for writing this down.