Sunday, April 3, 2011

My 1911

Sorry for the poor photos. This is my duty weapon. Dan Wesson Valor Bobtail.

1500 rounds of .45 during range week with not a single malfunction. Yes, I know I'll have to watch for certain things and keep and eye on springs. But as I said, it's only the second 1911 in over 5 years to make it through a week course with no issues. I feel confident in it, and with it.

Mr Fixit


Rick O' Shea said...

Beautiful gun. Everything it needs to be and nothing more.

Bob S. said...

Very Nice.

I'm getting more and more interested in purchasing a 1911. Looking at that makes me wish I had a much higher budget :)

Brigid said...


Mr. Fixit said...

Dear Lady!

Handsome, perhaps rugged? At least you didn't say cute.

All kidding aside, I appreciate the compliment.

Mr Fixit