Thursday, April 28, 2011

Closer and closer

Last week was our last academy test, the final exam. A four hour, mind numbing, brain dumping, fear causing, beating of a test.

Passed well, thank you very much.

Today was our State Exam. I honestly have not been that nervous for a test in a long time, possibly ever. They told us that we could expect to average 10-15 points less on the state test then we made on the final. That would put me withing range of failing.

So I studied what I was below average in. I worked hard. I stressed and stressed. I even went so far as to book a hotel near school last night so I would save the drive time home for last minute studying. I woke this morning almost sick, test anxiety had me down.

When the smoke cleared and the pounding was done in my head, I had made it. I scored within 1 point of my final exam. Next week we graduate, and I will be sworn in.

The rest of the class did well too, as far as I know. Several have posted they made it on Facebook. I haven't talked to them all, but I have to most. I'm proud of them all.

Now all that is left is to wind down and try to get used to the idea that many of these people I will never see again.

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Good on ya'!

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Well done that man!

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