Saturday, March 26, 2011

And the verdict is......

Range week is over. I took a brand new, never fired Dan Wesson 1911 "Commander" to class. I fired 1500 rounds in 5 days. My scores were constantly in the mid 90's percentile. I learned a lot. I found I had some issues from vision at any distance past 15 yards. The instructors listened, and made suggestions for improvement. I listened to them and improved my shooting. The instructors truly cared that we do our best.

The weapon ran 100% all week. The only issues I had were my fault. Early in the week I was having trouble seating a fresh mag all the way and had the slide go forward with no round. That was my fault with flush fitting mags and no base pad. I fixed that issue on day one. I had what I thought were failure to fire twice. Turns out I was so intent on sights, I didn't release the trigger enough for the sear to reset. That was fixed within a few minutes. Neither of these issues happened again.

Magazines used were;
2- Dan Wesson factory 8 rounders by Checkmate
3-Chip McCormick 8 rounders
1- Wilson 47D 8 rounder
1-Kimber Tac-pro 8 rounder
There were no issues with any mags all week.
Although I will say that just on visual inspection, the DW Checkmate mags as well as the Wilson are thicker material, and seem to be stouter, but again, no issues with the others and I would use any of them again.

Oh, and a note on holsters. I was using a Blackhawk CQC paddle holster. For reasons I won't get into, I took quite a spill over a 4 foot wall. Head first, shoulder then back and so forth. Painful and embarrassing. But the pistol never moved.

And after it was all said and done, the smoke cleared, the echos of thunder fell silent. Turns out my consistent scores, and slight improvement all week paid off. I was named top shooter. But just by the skin of my teeth. Two of the other shooters averages were within 1% of mine. My average for the week as 96%, the other two were 95.5% and 95%.

I may have mentioned that a fireman out shot a group of cops to them....several times.
I may have mentioned that the old guy out shot a bunch of young guys....several times.

But we all had fun. There were no hard feelings, no cross words all week.

On a funny note, my Chief, the Fire Chief, came by the range Friday. We were talking and he looked down at my cocked and locked 1911 on my hip. He looked up at me and said "Is that supposed to be like that?"
To which I said, "Yes sir, that's the only way I can put the safety on."
He looked at me and said, in a voice that was concerned, "It looks like it's ready to go to town."

And with a straight face in front of two other shooters and and instructor I looked at him and said "Yes it is."

Mr Fixit

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