Saturday, February 5, 2011


It's one of the main things I'm learning in the academy. From what I have been taught, and from my own limited experience in this ol' world, I can see that it is a good thing to grasp.

I'm sure that any of my readers who are or have been in law enforcement already understand. For those who haven't, let me try to explain. If I can't explain in writing a clear and well understood reason for doing something such as stopping a suspect or conducting a search, then I'm likely not going to be able to do it. And if I have done it, then anything I find may well be tossed out.

So far, articulation seems to be involved in most anything I may do in my official capacity.

For instance, I didn't go home because I felt bad. Oh no, that is not a good reason. You see I didn't articulate what I was really doing. No, I noticed several symptoms of the flu, and in an effort to avoid spreading a virus throughout the class, thereby causing many people to become ill and unable to attend class, I avoided all contact with people to limit exposure of others in an effort to protect them.


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