Friday, October 1, 2010

A possible Trifecta

I became an EMT-basic in 1989.  Four years later in '93 I became a Paramedic.  I have been in EMS now for (Holy Sun Dials Batman!, I had to do the math) 21 years.

A year after becoming a Paramedic, I was hired by the Fire Department and obviously became a fireman.

Today, I was notified by my Chief to prepare to attend the Police Academy.  I've already finished the Fire Investigator course for the Texas Fire Commission.  Looks like I may be on the way to being and Arson Investigator.

Of course, things can still derail this train and so I keep my excitement down as much as I can.

The Chief did say to plan around attending though.

Mr Fixit

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Lawyer said...

Congratulations! Hope it continues to go well for you!