Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home Work

Fire Investigation class in going well. I'm a bit surprised to find how much more enjoyable this class is than the inspection class. Of course, I didn't want to do inspections, so that may play some part in the opinion. I'm doubly surprised that I am enjoying so much, since it is requiring a lot more of my time than the inspections class ever did. I'm doing assignments at home, reading and taking tests at night.

Doing lots of classwork at home has also cut down on the amount of hobby time I have. I've had a project that I have wanted to work on for weeks, but just never found time. But this weekend, I took a break and did a few things I needed to do.

The biggest project was a new one. I've mentioned before that I am building a hunting rifle for my youngest son. I'm still waiting on the stock to get here, so work is somewhat slow. One of the other inspectors I work with called me the other day while he was inspecting our local Academy. Seems they were closing out some rifles. To make a long story short, I went and bought a Stevens bolt action with synthetic stock for $179.

The only caliber they had left was .270 though. So this weekend, I worked on the rifle a bit to get a better fit for my son. I ended up cutting the stock off about an inch, and shortening the barrel to 18.5". Now it balances better for him and is handy. I plan on using some Remington reduced recoil ammo in it. They say it reduces recoil over 50%. It uses a 110gr bullet traveling at about 2700fps, and they advise keeping shots under 200 yards.

I figure where we hunt, we can keep shots to 150 yards or less with little problem. No matter what ammo you use, 200 yards in a long shot on a living animal for a youngster just starting out. I think we will try to break it in on some wild hogs and see what it'll do.

Oh, and of course he wanted the stock painted camo.

I've talked to a couple of folks that have used the reduced recoil ammo in 30-06, anybody out there used the .270 yet?

Now to just find some hogs........

Mr Fixit

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