Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bleg for the gunnies out there

Let's talk length of pull (LOP).

I'm about to start working on my youngest son's rifle. I have to order a stock, and can specify the LOP. Right now, he is 11 years old, and he measures 11 1/4". He is on the smaller side of normal for his age, I'm pretty sure he's going to end up in the range of 5'6" to 5'9" (so the Dr's charts say).

I'm wondering about LOP for his rifle. The idea is a trim Mauser, full stock with 20" barrel. I'd like to make the whole stock proportional, so a shorter LOP would work out. However, what length would be 'right'.

I'm thinking of ordering the stock with a finished LOP including a 1/2" recoil pad of 12 or 12 1/2". And then later when he is older and larger, replacing the 1/2" pad with a 1" pad, thus making the LOP 12 1/2" or 13".

Opinions on the idea?

On a secondary note, what LOP are you folks using?

Mr Fixit

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Anonymous said...

I got out some guns and measured the LOP today.
My 20 gauge OU, which fits me real well in bird season when jackets are light, is 13 and seven eighths inches.

A Marlin 1894 FG .41 Magnum carbine is 13 and a half.

My late father's sporterized Mauser 98, goes 13 and a quarter. (The buttstock appears original the sporterizing starts with an added pistol grip and goes forward.)

A US 1917 Enfield in .30-06 goes 13 and a half. It's cut down in barrel and foreend but has original buttstock.

I am five foot nine and a half and shoot all these guns comfortably. My dad was six foot and his rifle had the shortest LOP. He mostly used it in deer season while wearing a lot of heavy clothes.