Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Job

Working a regular (compared to shift work in the department) schedule should be easier, right?  I mean somehow like 80-90% of the people with a job work 5 days a week.  So why is it I have trouble with it?  Maybe it's the 17 years of conditioning to working 24 hours at a time.   For whatever reason, even though I actually work less hours a week now, I seem to have less free time.

In just over 2 months in the prevention division, I've already been called in on once.  But believe it or not, it was a compliment.  I had to go out a officially test some emergency gates to apartments.  They didn't all work just right, so rather than make the guy reschedule, I waited and let him work on them while I was there.  About an hour later, they all worked and everybody was happy.  Didn't think it was a big deal at the time.

Later, after the guy had called the Fire Marshall and told him I was the bestest, nicest, inspector EVAR!, I made the comment that It's not my job to be an asshole.

To which my co-worker responded "Yeah, that's just a nice side benefit we have."

Mr Fixit


Sunflower RN said...

I used to work 12 hour nights with more days off. Now that I am working mostly days, I feel like I am at work all the time and the weekend is just too short to recharge my batteries. Maybe it is age, but right now, I feel like I could use a week off. Apparently one gets used to this 7-3 thing.

Mr. Fixit said...

Apparently they do, wish I would get used to it.

TOTWTYTR said...

You feel like you have less time off because you're working during the hours everyone else is. On your old schedule, you were mostly off when they were working so you could get all sorts of stuff done relatively quickly. Now, you're going to stores and other places when the rest of the normal world is, so you wait longer. Plus you have to fight the same traffic that they do.

You might have more hours off, but you're spending most of them just waiting in lines.

The verification word for this post is "hosed". Which I think is what you are getting by the bosses.