Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More new projects

Since I've told you about how much time I don't have to work on fun stuff, I don't have to explain why it might be a while before I start my latest planned project. But I did order many of the parts so they will be handy when I get a chance.

Imagine, if you will, a 10year old son, wanting his own hunting rifle. Can you picture a small statured (even for his age) boy? Can you imagine wanting to provide him with something that fits now, and can be made to fit later?

It's that last part that really got me. I don't want to make/build/buy something that can only be used for a little while and outgrown. I do want to build a nice rifle as a gift. So, how do I build a nice rifle for a small/young man that will also last and be a nice rifle for the rest of his life?

As with most journeys, you have to have a destination before you can start the trip. So, here is what I envision the final product:

A Mauser action, light barrel, full-length 'Mannlicher' style stock, possibly Claro Walnut. A short, light, trim little rifle. Butter knife bolt handle, Winchester M70 style 3 position safety, express sights and scope rings. Rust blue, with the possibility of smaller parts accented in color case hardening.

Does that sound too ambitious?

Comments, suggestions?

Mr Fixit


Buddy said...

My $0.02:

Lose the butter knife bolt, go with a smaller knob.
6.5X55 Swede... not too much recoil, decent power, excellent accuracy, easy to reload.

A rifle like this would last a lifetime, and grow with the young man. And if he has a young son or daughter, he can "shrink" it again, starting the cycle anew!

Mr. Fixit said...

6.5x55 SE is the plan, sorry didn't specify in the post.

Loose the butter knife? Is that experience talking? Function over form or opinion?

Honestly, I like the look. I have been told that a butter knife is not as good as a knob for fast follow up shots. I'm ok with that. This is being made as a hunting rifle, I want him to make the first shot count.

I am thinking about using a thin recoil pad now, and replacing it with a thicker one when he gets older to lengthen the pull. I think I can get an extra 1/2" from just a recoil pad change.

Mr Fixit

JimB said...

The whole idea sound great. Only thing I might change is the caliber. .243 Win would make it a lot easier to get ammo for and a lot easier on the kid's shoulder.

TOTWTYTR said...

I like the idea. The Swiss 6.5 is supposed to be very nice too shoot, although availability might be an issue at some point.

Will you adopt me? ;)