Monday, April 19, 2010

Jumping the shark

Reusable grocery bags; I'm calling this a "fad" on the way out.

This weekend I was shopping at Walmart.  In the check out line in front of me was a female of ample proportions.  When the poor checkout girl started to bag her purchase, she stated in tones most noble, "I don't use plastic!"

She then insisted that her carton of cigarettes, gallon of chocolate milk, snack cakes, and assorted other processed food stuffs be placed in her Mother Gaia approved reusable shopping bags.

One of us is missing something.

Mr Fixit


Texas Ghostrider said...

yep, pass the twinkies.....

Brigid said...

My Dad worked for a lumber mill as an Accountant after he retired as an LEO when my Mom died.

It was a small mill, but a job he needed to take care of we kids and have regular hours. The mill made paper grocery bags.

To this day, when we're in a checkout and the person in front of him is asked "paper or plastic", he'll lean in and whisper "Get the paper!"

Anonymous said...

The answer I have for the "paper or plastic" question is: "It doesn't matter, I'm bisacksual"