Thursday, April 22, 2010

Goin' back in time

I come by my "Mr Fixit" traits from family. Let me tell you about one of my grandfather's hobbies.

Years ago, my grandmother inherited her grandmother's antique trunk. it was in rough shape, so Grandad fixed it up. Family saw it, liked how it looked and trunks started to show up with family asking Grandad to restore them too. He started going to flea markets and garage sales and buying trunks. Some of them he restored, some he used as parts for others. Most everyone in the family got a trunk. Grandad did this for several years.

After his heart attack and stroke, he was unable to do the intricate work he had done before. His hands just wouldn't do what he wanted. He decided in frustration that if he couldn't do as good of a job as he wanted, he wouldn't do it at all. The trunk restoration came to a stop. But people kept calling and asking to have trunks worked on.

Several times, I would work on trunks at his house, following his directions. He had the knowledge and talent, I had the steady hands. I learned what to do. I never picked up as many trunks as he did, but I have done a few mainly for friends.

It is now many years later, and I have multiple trunks sitting waiting to be brought back. My youngest son doesn't have one. My wife wants to do a trunk for each of her sisters. And a wife of a good friend wants one.

So in the near future, I will be starting a new and old project. I thought at least one before photo might be nice:

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