Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keepin' On

There is a sign at the Admin offices, in the back of course where only those that work here will see it.  It says "Welcome to City Hell".   It's not as bad as everyone seems to make it sound, me included.  Of course I tell everyone it is awful, but all in all it's pretty good. 

I am waiting for one thing to go ballistic though.  I have a large desk calender, you know the kind that you use as a desk cover.  Every day I work, I write in that box some sort of thought.  I write in it in a kind of third person, as if it were a prison diary or the diary of someone in the pit of despair.  One day someone is going to find it, and I wonder if they will know it is a joke, a way to relieve stress, or if they will take it serious.  If they take it serious, I have no idea what they may do.

That may be one of those things that is funny when you look back at it.

Mr Fixit

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Bob S. said...

Be careful, it could be used as evidence that you are/were 'disgruntled'.

Robert Aspirin wrote the Myth Series of books and included made up quotes from famous people.

I used to copy those onto a white board at work -- until the boss took a couple personally.

I think it was the one "This company is like a septic tank, all the really big chunks rise to the top"