Friday, February 19, 2010


Logged in and had about 30 comments on various posts. All from anonymous, all some sort of gibberish "just what I was looking for" and "clears up some misnomers".

Anybody else? Where did it come from?

Mr Fixit


Brigid said...

That's SPAM. They leave comments that could apply to ANY post, and then if you try and click to see who the heck it was who sent that you get a site selling something, a porn site, or some other nonsense. I don't even moderate them. If the comment is from a stranger and doesn't really apply to the post it's deleted without reading the entire thing.

Larry said...

I saw one on your city hall post and had to say "what?"
That's why my comments are moderated, too.

Mike Looney said...

Welcome to the world of comment spam.

TOTWTYTR said...

It's why I put word verification back on as well as using comment moderation. I was getting bombarded with them to until I did that.