Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Can someone help me understand Facebook? What is the attraction? What is the purpose?

I guess I'm behind the curve, but I just don't know.

Mr Fixit


TOTWTYTR said...

None, it's a time waster. I used to have an account, but deleted it for a number of reasons. Not least of which was the politics of the owners. I'm pretty sure that I put up a post on it.

Bob S. said...

I can see it to a small degree. For me, the attraction is about - reconnection.

Finding and getting in touch or staying in touch with what is going on with someone.

I have a buddy who is in Afghanistan and his wife keeps us informed through facebook of his status as much as possible.

Other then that....some really bad games is the only other then I know.

isaaccom said...

There is a LOT of c**p that I ignore. (Tests, quizzes, Farmville, causes, etc.) The hide function is my best friend. But, I feel more connected with what is going on with my extended family than I have in the past.

Billy Sparks said...

My biggest thing is reconnection. There is this friend, her and I went through 1st grade all the way to high school and even went to the same college. She married her high school sweetheart (Active duty US Army Captain) and moved off. Now on Facebook I can talk to her and catch up even though she is in Colorado and I am in still in NC.

tailkinker45 said...

THANK YOU! I so totally agree. The only thing amusing about it is I did find out that my father is on it. I didn't think he could turn ON a computer. *Snerks*