Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thanks, and another request for info

Many thanks to all who suggested and commented about the reloading kits.   Looks like I'll be going with the Lee.  I just keep looking at the difference in price and cant seem to step off that big for a start.  I'll let you guys know how it works out.

But another thing has come about.  I'm looking at putting in an alarm system in my house.  Need some thoughts on that.

It's a pretty standard 3 bedroom brick house with attached garage.  I'd like to do it myself (who'd a thunk it?).  A monitored alarm system is not right for us, at least I strongly doubt it is.  So we're looking at door sensors, motion sensors inside, possibly window sensors.  Of course a remote keypad, and very loud external siren.  Electric with battery backup a must.
Other possible add-ons might include securing my outbuilding/shop the same way and tying it in.  Also wired in smoke detectors would be a bonus.

So, any security installers out there want to give away any tricks or tips?  Police officers?   Locations of suppliers?  Brands to stay away from?

Do tell

Mr Fixit


Anonymous said...

I have been using Lee reloading equipment since the late 1970s.
Loaded many thousands of rounds of .45 ACP, .41 Magnum, .38 Special, .357 Mag and some 9mm and .32 ACP on a C-press and a turret.
I mostly have Lee dies as well.

I shot competiton and used my reloads for hunting with fine results.

Anonymous said...

Ademco is a good alarm system. I have installed several of them and have one in my house. You can get a good deal on a system on ebay. You can do a wired system or a wireless system. The wireless system will be more expensive because you need a transmitter at each door and window. Plus you will have to replace the batteries every year. The wired system is the best, but is hard to run wires in an existing house.

tweell said...

My alarm system is a decent-sized dog. The initial cost is low, although there is a higher daily cost (as well as the time involved). Still, an alarm system can't fight.

Axeanda45 said...

A good Battery backup would be a computer UPS , Just substitute the internal battery with a deep-cycle rv/marine battery

Anonymous said...

Typical pre-wired set up for homes built in the last 15 to 20 years in new subdivision is doors and windows, with single motion in den. Window sensors typically only work if window is opened (as opposed to broken) so guess how the bad guy gets in?

In our area there is a trend towards burglars entering master suite window in order to avoid single motion sensor usually located in den.

It is a good idea to add at least one motion sensor in the master suite.