Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last minute shopping and well wishes

I worked Christmas Eve eve. Not a bad shift, as shifts go. We were not to busy, nobody got stabbed over a meal or anything. This morning as I was leaving, my wife called and asked me to stop by and get a couple of last minute gift cards. That's what my brother wants, and mom gets one too. She reads quite a bit ( I guess that's where I get it) so off to Borders it was.

I like Borders, the staff seems to like to read as opposed to some of the other bookstores that seem to hire people based on something else. While there, I decided to look up Monster Hunter International, and I bought half their stock. OK, actually they had 2 and I bought one of them. Thought it would make a good book to re-read and drop off at the fire station. I couldn't help but buy Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card as well.

OK, they were for me, get over it.

Now, here I sit at home with the boys, waiting for mom to get off work at the pediatricians office (nurse you know) so we can go to her mom's for that side of the family Christmas. Last night when I went to bed it was in the high 40's, now it is in the mid 30's and falling fast. Weather says a 100% chance of snow. This is Texas! I don't know if I remember it ever snowing on Christmas.

The boys are excited, both by the weather and the season. And I realize I am truly blessed. I have a wonderful family, a warm home, and enough of what I want to make complaining about what I don't have silly.

I hope all of you stay safe, and enjoy this holiday season!

Merry Christmas Ya'll!

Mr Fixit

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