Friday, November 6, 2009

Yesterday was baking day

Lots of baking going on yesterday. Last night was the Cub Scout Bake Sale, so I prepared a couple of items. A nice gingerbread loaf, that honestly I wanted to keep it smelled sooo good. And second was a giant 14" chocolate chip cookie, decorated with icing and a Fleur de Lis.

The other thing I baked yesterday was the stock for my Enfield. In a new "oven" I made.

I took a shipping box that one of my rifles came in and sat it on a stand horizontally. I put the pieces of the stock inside that still had lots of cosmoline in them, and put an old hair dryer in one end. I let the hair dryer blow through the box on high. I figured that it wouldn't get as hot as a heat gun, but hotter than in a black trash bag in the sun.

Every 10 min. or so, I took the very warm stock out, and wiped the cosmoline off that was seeping out of the stock with acetone. Folks, this worked like a charm! After about an hour, the stock was no longer weeping oil. I gave it a good rub down with acetone and brought it inside the house to dry.

This is what it looked like when I got it:

and this is what the stock looks like now:

The clip holding on the rear of the top stock was coming loose from the wood, so I used some Accuraglass on it:

Coming along nicely I think.

Should be adding oil in a few days.

Mr Fixit

EDIT: Uncle readers welcome! More on the Enfield here.


farmist said...

I think that's goin' to turn out right pretty with a bit of oil.

TOTWTYTR said...

That's about the color my BSA Enfield was when I got it. Several coats of oil and it got a bit darker, but not as dark as yours was when you received.

I agree with farmist, a few coats of oil and that will look very nice.

モバゲー said...