Monday, November 16, 2009

I did a bad thing...

We made a car fire on the highway. After it was out, and I had my crew reloading the gear and hose, I talked to the owner to find out what happened. I asked if he had had any work done on the car lately, and he said yes, today in fact.

Oh, so who worked on it and what did they do I asked. He said "Some Dude" had put in a stereo system about 3 hours prior. The fire started in the area of the dashboard, where the wiring is/was.

When I arrived back at the station, while doing the report is when I did the bad thing.

I gave him official status. Sumdood that is. I referred to him in the report by name. Right after I quoted the owner "...some dude put in the radio....." I went on to explain that "Sumdood was not an employee......Somedood offered to work for pay...."

He is no longer just an Urban Legend. He is official. A person. He can now be tracked by more than rumor. The trail begins here.

If we can just get a good description maybe.....but I fear he will be like Carlos the Jackal. We know he is a real person, but finding him and stopping him could take years.

Bear with us folks, we're trying to stop him.

Mr Fixit

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