Monday, November 16, 2009

Here's a tip or three

When you start a project that involves disassembling something, whether it be a motorcycle, a music box, or even a certain Ishapore Enfield Rifle, try, TRY, TRY, to keep all the various parts together. Take some type of container like a box or even better a plastic bin and put all the small parts inside so they will be there when you get ready to put it back together.

After you have worked and taken every single little screw and widget off whatever it is you are taking apart, try, TRY, TRY not to just walk away and leave it all in pieces for oh, say a year or so.

And if you just can't help yourself and ignore the above tips, then listen to this one:

Do not get a wild hair and go on a cleaning spree in the shop where your various parts are located, cause sure as God made little green apples, your gonna loose some of them.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to fax yet another order to Springfield Sporters.

Mr Fixit


TOTWTYTR said...

I bought a magnetic tool tray for just this reason. Two of my Enfields required complete disassembly for cleaning when I first bought them. There are so many pins and screws that losing one is almost inevitable.

Larry said...

I recommend ziploc bags and a magic marker to write on the bag what it is supposed to contain.