Friday, November 13, 2009

Bedding the Enfield

If you are an Enfield Purist leave now, you won't like what I've done. I have been told it amounts to raping and pillaging in the eyes of some.

So be it. It's my rifle.

So far I have cleaned the cosmoline out of the stock, cleaned the metal and painted with Duplicolor High heat Enamel with Ceramic which was baked on. The stock was refinished with Tru-Oil. And now, I'm bedding the stock.

I've read and researched and am doing it. A few quick photos of the front of the action area:


I used a dremel tool to cut some mechanical locks for the material, then cleaned it with alcohol.

And after:

I also had to repair the recoil lug area of the stock:


and after:

Those last couple pics don't look a lot better, but believe me they are. Fact is the recoil lug on the rifle was only contacting one side of the stock. I built it up and now have good contact on both sides.

Normally, stocks are bedded to improve accuracy, but not this time. This time, the stock was in such bad shape that I felt I had to bed it just to get it to fit well. Soon we'll see how it all looks.

Perhaps she needs a name....

Mr Fixit