Friday, October 16, 2009

Smoke on the water

Busy times around The Shop. It's that time of year, fall, hunting season. Days when the sun shines not as warm as in weeks past. Cool days give way to cooler nights. I feel a primal chill when I walk outside, something buried deep in the dark recesses of my genetic program stirs. I sniff the air when I am outside, finding odors wafting around that I know I should recognize. Dry grass, and even the damp earth smells.....familiar somehow.

Here in my area of North Texas, we have had about 24" of rain in the last month. Yes, 24". Water everywhere. That does complicate things some.

However, never fear. I have just finished turning one wild hog into hams, roasts, and loin. Tomorrow, the smoker fires up for that wonderful time; Smokin' . A few hours, some Oak, Mesquite and Hickory, and likely a few cold beverages later we have high protein, range fed goodness.

Somehow that also seems to stir something deep.

May have to do this again and again.

Y'all have a safe, dry, and happy weekend.

Mr Fixit

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