Thursday, October 22, 2009

A few completely random points

Just as a matter of fact, gasoline is by definition and default not diesel fuel. This means that it will not cause a diesel motor to run, and will in fact cause it to shut down.

If you somehow overlook or forget point one, know that draining the fuel tank of the majority of gasoline is a must. Also, new fuel filters are a really good idea.

As a practical matter, after draining the tank and swapping the fuel filters, it is best to fill the tank will pure diesel fuel.

If however you are in the middle of nowhere, in a dire emergency, new transmission fluid and 2 stroke oil poured into the fuel tank after draining will suffice to get you down the road to a fuel stop.

Just in case you were ever wondering.

Mr Fixit


Ambulance Driver said...

Something tells me that some rookie made the time-honored mistake of pulling the 'bolance up to the wrong fuel pump.

I didn't know that trick about the transmission fluid and 2-cycle oil, though. Neat! Any particular type of tranny fluid?

Mr. Fixit said...


If by rookie you mean my 14 year old son and his mom at the filling station, then yes you are correct.

The trick is a last ditch effort, and I only know it works in the 7.3 power stroke. Those things can run straight tranny fluid, or motor oil, or just about anything.

Anything except gasoline.

TOTWTYTR said...

We've had people do that with the ambulances. We call don't call them rookies, we call them morons because they are taught from day one that the trucks run on diesel, not gasoline. The pumps are separate and marked clearly.

I don't expect your wife or son to know that, though.

We have had a couple of engines blown up because people "Thought we could make it to fleet services OK." and tried to drive.

farmist said...

Veggie oil from the grocery or stop-n-rob works well - after all, Rudolph Diesel originally used peanut oil to fuel his engines.

Mr. Fixit said...

You are absolutely right! I use biodiesel myself and know several folks who run straight oil.

In this case, we used what we had in the truck at the time.

Mr Fixit

Anonymous said...

Stupid question a lot of military diesels are technically "multi fuel engines" that is they can ( in theory) be adjusted to run on any clean gaso-diesel-kersoene-pure alchol- hydrocarbon mix.

Admittedly, some fuels might work better than others, but that was the theory as it was explained to me.

I had figured than in the intveneing 20 years that engine combustion control tech would have progressed to the "Pour flammables in, engine will adjust ratio's to work stage."

I guessing not, at least for civilian vehicles. Can anyone opine?