Thursday, September 10, 2009

To my wife

Fifteen years ago….

Fifteen years ago today, I woke up knowing what a special day it was. I don’t remember everything about that day. I do remember parts, and those parts I will never forget. I remember meeting J.D. at his house to plan our get away in his car. I remember making sure my bags were ready. Most of the rest of the day is a blur of anticipation.

I remember standing at the back of the church. I remember shaking hands with lots of people, many of whom I can’t remember. I remember standing in front of a church full of people. And I’ll always remember seeing you stand in the center isle with your dad. I’ll never forget that a short walk away was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

I remember you walking down, and your dad giving your hand to me. I remember the goose bumps I had when I first held it.

I don’t remember everything the preacher said. I do remember standing in front of people I knew and respected, and promising to them, to God, and to you that I would always love you. I remember promising to Love and to Cherish, till death us do part.

To Love- to care for, and care about. To give your feelings and desires a prime place in my life. To protect you from all things, in all ways. To want to be what it is you want me to be. To provide for you, all that you need.

To Cherish- to remember every day how lucky I am to have you. To remember, when we are apart, the smell of your hair, the feel of your skin, the sound of your voice, and to want badly to experience them all again soon.

In the last fifteen years, I hope I have made you as happy as you have made me. You are my love.

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farmist said...

BRAVO! Well said. Lovely bride and I celebrated 31 yrs. last month.