Monday, September 28, 2009


I am wringing my hands over this. In broad terms, I need to make a decision on how to proceed.

So I ask, at what point does the way business treats you become personal?
At what point do you say "I've had enough and I'm fighting back"?

H.L. Mencken said: There comes a time when a man must spit on his hands, hoist the black flag and begin slitting throats.

When is that time?

Mr Fixit


Matt M said...

Are you another unsatisfied client of Cycles and More? I have heard that they commit unnatural acts with clients' cycles, while claiming to be repairing them.

If it is some other business, why not let us, your readers, unleash some wrath in your name.

Anonymous said...

Wal yesterday after being up for 34 hours icluding driving 500 miles I grabbed a hot sandwich from Jason's intending to eat it and crash in my motel room, only to find it was not hot and the bread seemed pretty old. I was mad enough to do something but way to tired.

But you are probably talking about something more serious I bet.