Friday, September 4, 2009

Off duty- this is my life

I live in a little town. On the edge of a little town to be more precise. This morning I got off duty and came home. The neighbors horses were running loose. They had been in the high school parking lot and had been run out of there by a few students. Down the road they came. Myself and a couple of neighbors stopped them, and herded them back towards home. The owners, neighbors of mine, came out and we got them back in the fence. Seems the kids forgot to close the gate all the way after feeding before going the school.

So now, I'm sitting watching a fire in a smoker. Inside the smoker is one brisket, two slabs of baby back ribs, and two long links of klobase (klo-baa-see) or Czech link sausage.
And enjoying a cool adult beverage or three.

Life is good. Ya'll have a good weekend.

Mr Fixit


Texas Ghostrider said...

Sounds like paradise!

Brigid said...

Last evening, friends kids in the yard playing with a pack o'labs, fish jumping on the pond just waiting to be caught. Chicken grilling up and some dark hoppy beer waiting to be consumed. It's good to put the work aside for a while and just enjoy this.

Hill Country Blogger said...

Mmmmmmm, Shiner. Brewed in the great country of Texas