Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Lucky me, today I am to report for my "Official Jury Summons".

Last time it took them about 10 minutes to decide that I was not what they wanted on a jury. Not sure why. I would actually kind of like to be on one, just to say I had I guess. Never had that experience.

'Course I've never been poked in the eye with a sharp stick either, so maybe I should be careful about wanting any particular experiences.

Mr Fixit


Lawyer said...

I served on a jury once, before I became an attorney. I actually made it through to trial. The charges were domestic assault and drug possession. It was a good experience.

Of course, as an attorney now, no one will want me as a juror.

Hopefully, you got to see something interesting.

Cliff Smith said...

I served on a jury once, I enjoyed the experience. If you want to get out of it just tell them about jury nullification.

Anonymous said...

So did you get picked?