Monday, August 24, 2009

Mad as hell!!!! at Allstate insurance

Folks, I am mad as hell. I don't mean that in any figurative way either. I am!

We have both home and auto with Allstate. My oldest son has been on our auto policy since he started driving. When he graduated high school, and moved out, he started paying us each month so we could keep him on our policy. Or, he was supposed to anyway.

We finally had a little talk and he went and got his own insurance policy. SO, I called Allstate to have both him and his car removed.

They refuse to remove him, unless I sign a piece of paper saying he is uninsured if he drives any of my vehicles.

That's right, they refuse to remove him from MY POLICY, the one I pay for.

Even though he hasn't lived in my house in 2 years. Even though he has his own car. Even though he has his own insurance policy. Even though he hasn't driven one of my cars in over 2 years.

They refuse to take him off my policy.

The only way they will take him off is if I sign a letter that makes him unable to drive any of mine. So if he gets in an accident next week, and needs to borrow a car, I can't let him drive mine because it would not be insured.
But my next door neighbor, or his 16 year old son for that matter, can borrow my car whenever they want to and that's OK with Allstate.

AND that is the 'rule' in Texas. Did all you Texans know that?

I hope that this is spread far and wide. I hope Allstate gets calls.

but I won't hold my breath

As for me, we are looking for a new insurance company.

Mr Fixit


Texas Ghostrider said...

call the state board of insurance, and complain to them. their information is on the state of Texas website. That sounds really weird to me.

Rosehillwindhounds said...

I went through that when my son moved out. I finally had to change insurance companies. I was livid when they refused to take him off, and I think it is a crock of crap.

SpeakerTweaker said...

See if there's any way to get on with USAA. It may be tough (it's usually just for military, but there are other ways), but they are the bestest insurance EVAR.

All of their auto policies include a little thing called UNOV - Use of Non-Owned Vehicle - that protects you no matter what you drive.


Mr said...

Thanks Ghostrider. I did call the Texas Department of Insurance. It was a rule asked for and passed by the Tx. Legislature to allow them to do that. It's legal, nothing I can do.

Wrong as hell, but legal.

Larry said...

I've had good luck with USAA as well.

Matt Mayfield said...

If it's a law, USAA would do the same thing. Your legislature at work....

Dedicated_Dad said...

Many years ago, Allstate (hack-spit) screwed me good.

I was driving a GF's car (later wife) when someone backed into US. THEIR fault. They guy was NUTS, cops got involved, advised us to file with our Allstate policy and let THEM fight with the guy's Co. We did.

They jacked our premiums nearly double. I went into the office to find out why - "positive claim history." Apparently they paid us ~$4.48 more than they recovered.

I threw a $10 on the table, said "keep the change. Now FIX it!!"

"Oh, - it doesn't work like that..."

Eventually, the only way they'd return her premium to its proper cost is if she signed a "no-drive" waiver prohibiting me from driving her car.

Went to state Ins. Commissioner-Big ol' Sistah who took no crap. She called Agent but didn't really identify herself. She bad-mouthed us "You don't want to deal with them - they've got money-problem, and are forever paying their bill on the VERY last day before late-charges kick in..." Etc. Etc.

Sistah lit that biatch UP. Told her "you'll put their premiums back where they belong, and won't raise them FOR ANY REASON for at least 5 years - and if I EVER hear a bad word about you again I'll have your LICENSE."

I LLOLed. Needless to say, they treated us very differently thereafter, and I changed companies ASAP.

FARK allstate.