Monday, August 31, 2009


We've all received the emails about winning the lottery, you know the one you never entered. Or helping out some poor African Minister get a few million out of the country. I've played with some of those guys a bit, scam baiting they call it. Fun for a while.

I am very leery of free prizes, or gifts.

So it was after much thinking and checking around that I gave in and accepted an offer. My wife received an offer in the mail from a real estate "golf resort". In return for a 2 hour tour, and meeting certain qualifications, she would be given a set of golf clubs. Not only that, but by calling and setting it up in the next 3 weeks, she would receive 2 sets, one men's and one ladies.

Now honestly, these are not PGA Tour clubs. They are however, a better set than the one I have currently. And we get 2 sets.

I called and set up the appointment. I was told that after the tour, they will give us a gift card, and we order the clubs on line. I was assured, repeatedly, that there would be no out of pocket cost to me. No tax, no handling, no shipping, nothing.

We'll see.

My question to the readers; Anybody else out there done this? How did it work out?

Mr Fixit


Starik Igolkin said...

If this is not a scam to begin with, make sure your wife gets lots of practice saying "No" before going there. If they are giving two sets of clubs in exchange for listening to their sales pitch for 2 hours, it's going to be one hell of a sales pitch.

Matt M said...

I predict that you will find some sort of hard sell on the time share and short sell on the golf clubs.

Please do this, and report back to us with a full list of the crap they threw at you, the amount of your time they wasted, and the quality of the clubs you received. Give us the name of the resort, and the company that is doing the promotion.

Mr. Fixit said...

Matt, see the next post.

Mr Fixit