Sunday, July 26, 2009


We haz it.

Saturday, my middle son left for church camp.  That's not so bad.  But while he is gone, my wife has decided to repaint his room.  That's not really even that bad,  but while she was taking down some wall paper she found some soft spots in the sheet rock.  OK, that's kind of a bummer.  But what really got me was when i investigated to soft spots.  Investigation led to inspection, which lead to removing small portions of sheet rock, which led to discovering that we have termites. 

So, now I have a portion on one wall open, I will have to first deal with the termites, and then with the damage.

Other things that kind of suck right now:    The diet.   So far I have lost 10 pounds, which is good.  But I'm doing it the old fashioned way; don't eat much.  And the food I do eat is low calorie.  I sooooo want a bacon cheeseburger.  or an all you can eat Mexican buffet.  Or pie.  It's not that I'm especially hungry, like starving, but I have urges and cravings. 

Blogging might be slow this week due to extra work, and weakness from hunger.

Mr Fixit


Bill O' Rites said...

At least you've lost 10lb.
I've gained 26lb since giving up cigarettes in February. :-(((
Spending October in the US ought to lose me some, especially the elk hunt.
I'll be in the Houston area for the first week.

Jim said...

The teachable moment here tells us that it is a mistake to send kids to camp.:)

Best of luck with the termite eradication. I'm north of them these days, but I recall having to deal with both termites and post beetles in the same house.