Thursday, July 9, 2009

Know your audience

We walked into the grocery store to buy food for the station for the shift. We split up, I went to the meat.

I'm walking down, not really paying attention I admit.
"Hey Lieutenant!"
I look up to see a fairly attractive woman, early 20's or so. She's standing with a husband/boyfriend, smiling. She looks at me like I should know her, and I feel like she's familiar. But for the life of me I can't figure out who she is. Patient? walk in? Dispatcher?
I said hello, and then it hit me. She is one of our firefighters. Off duty she had her hair down, and makeup on. Before I could stop myself, I said

"You look different with clothes on."

She laughed, the boyfriend stared. I turned and walked away leaving her to explain.

Mr Fixit


Texas Ghostrider said...

yes I have been there. "you look different with clothes on" as receiver and now as the giver of the one liner......funny

Gerald said...

I'm used to seeing my female students in their school uniform with little or no make-up on. During graduation ceromonies they are all decked out, hair fixed, and faces made up, and I have a hard time recognizing them. I understand completely.

Detail Medic said...

I had that happen at our Christmas party. Twenty minutes in one of my coworkers says "You look familiar..."

TOTWTYTR said...

It's amazing how even the most attractive women look dumpy in public safety uniforms. I've been in a similar position and have said the exact words you did. I've since learned to say, "You look much different in civilian clothes.", instead of "You look different with you clothes on." Which is a bit more fun to say, but could lead to problems.

These conversations often start out with, "Who is that babe?", followed by "That's XXXXX, don't you recognize her?" Which is immediately followed by, "Wow, the uniform doesn't do her justice at all."