Tuesday, July 28, 2009

EMS clip board update

Remember when I told you folks about the new EMS computerized clip board my department is using?

Several people asked to make sure, and yes they are using it instead of paper run forms on the scene.

Well, just the other day I made a run with one of our ambulances. We had just walked inside to see the patient, who by the way had a cardiac history and was complaining of 'tingling' in his arm and just not feeling good. As we got to the patient, the medic with the computer couldn't get it on. The battery was dead.

For a few seconds, which seemed like forever, the patient was almost completely ignored and the entire crew (minus myself and a driver) fretted and poked at the computer. Finally it was 'suggested', in tones most urgent, that maybe someone should go get the frakkin paper clip board and treat the patient.

Call me a prognosticator if you want to, but I foresee lots of problems with this in the future.

Mr Fixit

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TOTWTYTR said...

This is a matter of bad policy and/or training. Did your guys use the paper reports the same way? That is, did one person concentrate solely on the report?

In my system, we generally leave the computer in the truck when we go into the house. We might start using it on the way to the hospital, depending on how sick the patient is. However, most of the documentation is done at the hospital, after the patient has been delivered.

That's pretty much the way we did it when we used paper, and we haven't changed that very much since going electronic.

OTOH, I did some training last week with a FD based system in the southeast. I was there for the first part of the transition, so I got to see them using paper and then moving to the electronic system.

Both ways, the officer did pretty much nothing but document, unless the patient required all hands. A totally alien way of doing things, at least to me.

A lot depends on how good and how long the training was. Anyway you can ask about that?

My offer is still open if you want to email me.