Thursday, July 23, 2009

A bleg: Need suggestions for research paper

I'm the history guy at my house. My wife is in school finishing a few requirements to get into the BSN program.

She asked me for help. She needs a thesis for a 5 page paper on US history from 1877. I've only just begun thinking about it, but only 5 pages? How deep can you go in only 5 pages?

So, I'm asking for help too.

A topic for a short research paper, regarding US History from 1877.

Discuss amongst yourselves......

Mr Fixit


Anonymous said...

One question, does the topic have to be something that has existed/changed over the whole period? For instance, look at the evolution of energy sources. (Wood/muscle giving way to coal to oil, etc.) Or even look at the evolution of the profession of Nursing. Oh well, just a couple of vague ideas.

Lawyer said...

In 1877, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph and Emile Berliner invented the microphone. Perhaps a brief look at the history and impact of recorded sound on the development of our country.

Just a thought.

Mr. Fixit said...

No. It doesn't have to cover the whole period. No biographies. Other that that, it needs to be something researched outside of class material (internet, academic press).

Mr Fixit

Matt M said...

Florida, 2000. Bush vs. Gore. There is a lot of material. I am sure that any thesis could be supported by selections from that material.

farmist said...

How about a look at the "science" of medicine, ca. 1877?

Homebody said...

Great Railroad Strike

Nez Perce War

Pap Singleton leads blacks to settle in Kansas

I looooove history! Good luck with the project!