Tuesday, July 21, 2009

All this safety

The safety Nazis are everywhere. They've even invaded the fire service. It's getting to the point that the safety stuff is getting in the way of actually doing the work.
For Example;

I got a new set of bunker gear not long ago. Our department has the manufacturer rep out to actually measure us for a 'custom fit'. My gear comes in and it is like double over sized. I ask about it and am told that is the way it's made, for movement, for safety. Instead of a thick insulated suit, we now have suits that look like a brown Michelin Man.

Also, the coat has what they call the "Drag Recovery System". It's a cloth strap that loops around the inner liner arms and has a handle on the back just below the neck. Sounds like a good idea, except it sucks. The loops fall down over the liner, and when you try to put it on the straps end up over your upper arms. I can't zip the coat and touch my hands together.

Kinda makes it hard to fight fire.

Then there is the new fire trucks themselves. See, it used to be (like 20 years ago) that our air packs were carried in cases in the compartments of the trucks. Then manufacturers started making seats for the trucks that held the air packs. You could sit down, put on the pack, and when you got to the fire you just got out of the seat. Nice, neat.

Now, they have safety locks on them. When you put it on now, you have to search and find the release. It's got to the point that I don't even try to put it on anymore until I arrive at the scene.

We have got to the point in this country that we pad our kids before we let them play. We worry about our kids doing things we did as kids. We're raising a generation of folks that are going to be afraid of their own shadow.

And now, they are doing it in the fire service. I kind of thought when I took the job that they told me it was dangerous. It's getting so that the safety crap is getting in the way of actually doing the job.

I'm so safe, I can't do much of anything.

Mr Fixit


Lawyer said...


I think it's some of my breed that's to blame for this mess.

Anonymous said...

I was a firefighter from 1972 to 1995. It was fun in those days. Ain't fun no more. NFPA 1500 took care of that.

TOTWTYTR said...

Lawyer you are absolutely right in that it's mostly people with JD after their name that did this. Of course people with "Stupid" as their first name that made it possible.

I have the same problem with my PPE gear. (We can't call it turn out gear). The first time I tried to put it on at an incident, it felt like someone short sheeted a bed my arms were so tight. I took it all apart and fixed the drag rope. Until the next time that is.

I'm glad that unlike firefighters, I don't have to wear it every time I go out on a call.