Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Short Thoughts

It's summer here. The temps in N.Central Texas are easing up to the 90* mark, and have been for a few weeks. In a couple more weeks it's going to start getting hot. It's time to sort out and find the 'summer' clothes.

Now understand that I am (1.) a guy, and (2.) redneck/neanderthal/country boy. Those who know me don't expect me to exactly set the standard of fashion wear. They don't even seriously expect me to follow the standards. And that's fine with me, I wear what I like. Once everyone around me accepts that fact, we get along great.

But being as it's summer now, and soon to be hot, I thought I might add a couple pair of shorts to my wardrobe choices. But I can't find any to suite me. Seems that they make 'em wrong now a days.

Someone please explain to me why a pair of shorts is almost as long as a pair of pants, and cost more. At what point did men's shorts start being made like women's Capri pants?

See I'm only about 5'10", with short legs. Most 'shorts' that are made seem to be designed to for a 6' tall man and meant to end just above the knee. Well, on me, they end just after the knee. I hate that. I really really hate that. What ever happened to mid thigh?

I know they have "Big and Tall" stores, does anyone know of a "Short and Fat" store?

Now, I could use my mad sewing skills to shorten some shorts, BUT, everything is some type of cargo short. They all seem to have an extra pocket. WTF? Why do they think if you wear less material in your clothing you have to carry more shit in it????

I hate shopping.

Mr Fixit


Anonymous said...

My worn out jeans often became shorts, you can have those any length you want.

JimB said...

Try Cabella's. They have shorts in all lengths.