Thursday, June 4, 2009

A pox on you!

The damn safety nazis have done it again, and I'm pissed!

Having sold my commercial mowing equipment a few months ago, I was forced to go out and buy lawn equipment for the house. I had always used the big one, but now I needed the homeowner version.

One of the things I had to buy was a gas can. But you can't just go out and get a gas can with a spout, No Sir! Your only choices are some form of 'safety can' or at least a 'safety spout' on a regular can. Take a look at this:
Notice the green lever between the spout and the can. Then notice the lock on the lever. In order to operate this can you must
1.)pull the lock lever to the rear
2.)push down and continue holding down the large green lever while fuel flows
3.)lift the can and pour

If the large green lever ever closes even slightly, you must start all over again. And all this you must do while holding about 30 pounds with your fingertips because you can't actually reach the lever if you hold the can correctly.

I'm sure some greenie, tree hugging, earth saving hippie type came up with this. Or maybe it was one of the many safety nazies that want to tell me how to do what I've been doing for years. I think the idea behind it was that it keeps the fuel from spilling, or splashing out or some such horse shit.

Well let me tell you something you puss nutted nannies, when a gas can sits outside, the heat makes the gas try to vaporize, and it expands in the can which causes the can to be pressurized. Then when you pick it up and turn it to pour and press the lever/lock, it causes the pressurized fuel to come out at warp speed with eleventy billion pounds of pressure behind it.

Which is why I was covered from chest to toes with gasoline soaked clothing.

Hows that for safety?

to the people responsible, I wish a pox on all your houses!

Mr Fixit

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TOTWTYTR said...

I wonder if this means my "pre ban" gas cans will be worth more?