Wednesday, June 24, 2009

little stinkers

Little stinker no.1: Sourdough

The 'wild' starter stinks. And I mean that literally. It smells like rotten ass. The research I did on it said that the first 'stuff' to grow may not be what really makes sourdough, and to give it a couple of weeks for the 'good stuff' to get a hold. Not sure how much longer I can wait.

On the other hand, the packaged yeast starter I made is doing well. I've made bread and it it time to make it again. Only thing is, it turns out like good home made bread not sourdough. Good on the one hand, not what I wanted though.

Little stinker no.2: The foot

The infection is gone. The swelling is gone-almost. The second toe just won't quite return to it's regular size. It's a bit annoying. Doc says 'It should be fine, don't worry about it and give it time." I'm not worried, but it just feels odd.

Little stinker no.3: Blood pressure

While in the hospital I was put on blood pressure medicine. It's working, BP now stays in and around the 118/68 range. But I seem to have a problem if I jump up and go to do something sometimes. I get dizzy for a second or two. The other night at the station I got up for a run and ran into the wall on my way out. Embarrassing. I know what it is, I understand why it's happening. But I don't have to like it.

Little stinker no.31/2: Weight loss

I need to get me some of that. Now that the foot is better, I can work on that, which will help me work on the blood pressure issue I hope. I have done a lot of research and study. I have found an amazing weight loss system that is guaranteed to work. I'm so excited about this plan that If I can, I may become a distributor. It's called the "Eat less, and work out more" plan. The way it works is you try to use up more calories in a day than you take it. They say that the weight just melts off!

Little stinker no.4: our EMS system

Lots of little changes, we have a new EMS Deputy Chief for one. Our paramedics are now using electronic clip boards for the run forms and reports. And I find myself having those "Back in my day..." thoughts about how they do their jobs. In fact I think I may use an entire blog post to discuss this situation

More deep thought soon.

Mr Fixit

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Walrilla said...

I got my doubts about your"weight loss plan". Sounds like one a' them there "fad thangs". It'll never catch on. Just stick to drinking them Fast-Slim Shakes and eating 6 or 7 meals a day, like everyone else.

Be sensible, for gosh sakes!



Seriously, good luck with the weight loss. It really will help the BP, as I'm sure you're aware of.