Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm better, and recuperating well. Thanks for the emails, I hope I didn't miss anyone.

I am kinda 'stuck' sitting here at home with my feet up, Dr.'s orders and all. So, since I can't go out and shoot, or work, or golf, I've found something else to keep me busy. Sourdough.

I don't know why, likely boredom, but making my own sourdough starter and then bread sounded like a good idea. I have 2 starters going right now. One with 'wild' yeast, one with packaged yeast.

In a few days I plan on making some bread. I'm looking for recipes, advice, tall tales and such too. Any of you readers make sourdough? Tell me everything.

Mr Fixit


Linda said...

I used to make sourdough bread years ago and I was given a starter that you fed with instant potato flakes. That was the best bread!!!. I have tried starting a new starter and it just didn't seem to make bread as good as the other.
Keep us informed how your turns out. Kinda makes me want to try again.

farmist said...

just do a websearch for "amish friendship bread" - lots of variations should keep you busy for awhile

NorthCountry said...

Hello- I am an ol widowed guy and have been making sourdough pancakes at hunting camp for years. Kinda do it by eyeball so to speak. 1 cup starter and mix in two cups flour and two cups water and sit overnight. Next morning save 1 cup out of the bowl and put back in your sourdough pot. Beat together 1 egg (or try 2 eggs if you want)cooking oil prolly about 1/3 cup, some salt, couple tablespoons sugar. Mix and fold this into the sourdough. Take about 3 tablespooons water and mix about 1/2 teaspoon baking soda into the water. Mix water and soda together and fold into the sourdough batter. This will make the sourdough foam and increase in volume. Start cooking the pancakes right away since the batter does not have a long "pot life" so to speak and will get kinda flat if it sets for a long time. Use a hot fry pan or griddle. I add the sugar since I believe it makes the pancakes brown better. Ajust your sourdough to suit your tastes( Thick batter thick pancakes-thinner batter thinner pancakes. You control the batter consistancy by the flour to water mix when you mix it the night before.Works for me