Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From the "Hey, that's not funny" department

Just a quick true story:

I went into the hospital on a Friday afternoon. That night and Saturday I was very sick. Very sick like 104 temp, o2 sats in the 80's kinda sick.

I have the bad habit of wanting to know what's going on. I tend to be a 'bad patient', because I question everyone who comes in as to why they are here, what they are doing, and so on. I understand what they are doing and that tends to put people on the defensive for some reason. Nurses seem to really hate it when their patient questions what and why they are doing things, instead of accepting the nurses near-godlike knowledge and abilities. I ask questions and want to know the specific answer. I don't want to hear you are giving me 'medicine', I want to know exactly which med, dosage, effect desired, and possible side effects.

Much like being an informed voter, and informed patient is a "Bad patient".

So, Friday and Saturday of my hospital stay I was very sick. A couple of days later I'm talking with my wife about how much better I'm feeling. I mention that I thought I must have been pretty sick. She said that I was "VERY sick". I wanted to know how she knew, thinking that she had talked to a nurse or a doctor that I didn't know about.

She said, and I quote exactly: "I knew you were sick because you were being nice."

It's been over a week and I still haven't come up with a reply for that.

Mr Fixit

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TOTWTYTR said...

I know the feeling. Although my mother likes to tell the people taking care of her that I am a paramedic, I usually won't. I'll just drill them with 1,000,000 questions about drugs, dosages, why they are changing meds around, and so on. "Because the doctor ordered it", is usually met with "Have the doctor call me." Or sometimes, "Have the facility doctor call her PCP and coordinate with him."

I've found that you have to question EVERYTHING, because if you don't there's a good chance that they will screw something up. And then lie about it.