Thursday, May 28, 2009

Project One-Million Texas

Did you know that Texas is ranked third in NRA memberships with 250,000? What if every one of those members recruited 3 new members?

That's the goal of Project One-Million Texas.

With socialist Barry in the driver seat, and the most left leaning congress in history, what are the chances of a new wave of gun regulations?

You may not like everything the NRA does, I don't always agree with them myself. You may feel as I do that GOA, or JFPO are more representative of us. But the fact remains that the NRA is the 800 pound gorilla of gun rights in Washington. Don't believe me, just read what some of the left are saying about NRA's role in passing national park carry with a Democrat controlled congress.

Project One-Million Texas was started by Charles Cotton. "Chas." is the site admin. for The Texas Concealed Handgun Forums, he is a board member of the NRA, and has been working hard in Austin for our views with the Legislature. Chas. kicked off this drive on the CHL Forum, and asked that it be spread far and wide.

And Texans, don't forget the Texas State Rifle Association. It's our NRA affiliated state organization. They work closely with NRA on state issues, as well as having several other state only functions.

I want to give you 2 web sites where you can go and join. The first is and is Chas. site specifically set up for this. Keep in mind you can join at that site even if you are not in Texas.

I know times are hard for lots of folks right now, and there may be some folks that would like to join but just can't find the extra money right now. I understand, so the second site is NRA's site for free one-year membership. That's right, FREE!. You won't get a magazine every month, but you will get everything else a regular member gets. That site is

Any of you folks that went out and bought your first firearm since the election, please consider going to one of those sites and joining.

Any of you gunnies out there, in any state, I know you know at least one friend or relative that's not a member. Sign them up. Sign the kids up for a free membership. Talk your shooting buddies into signing up for a year. It's less than a box of premium ammo, and may end up being much more powerful.

And finally, I'm asking everyone in the blogosphere; Would you please pass this on.

If anyone joins after seeing this here, please drop a comment or an email to me.

Mr Fixit


Matt M said...

The NRA has thanked President Obama for his support and patronage.

Mr. Fixit said...

Matt, that would be the other, NRA.

farmist said...

Thanks for the link to the free membership. I'm an Endowment member but I've forwarded it to my nephews and gunowner friends.