Friday, May 22, 2009

Just a couple of thoughts:

I've been thinking a bit lately about black rifles. About AR's in general, and Rugers new AR in particular. I'd like to point out what I said in a post way back in October of '07 about Remington entering into the AR market:
Remington Arms, the nations oldest gun maker is now building "evil black assault rifles". Although really they're not evil, or assault rifles, and in this case, they're not even black. But make no mistake, it is an AR-15 clone.

Remington is reported to have said they wanted to bring a "sporting focus" to the Black Gun market.

And of course it's not news that Ruger is in now as well.

All that got me to thinking about some other things, like all the panic buying that's been going on. Not only that, but the lack of gun control that has been pushed on us by the most liberal congress and president in history.

I'd like to also point out what I said in an other post from April of '07;

I think it is possible that the latest ban attempt is a sort of last ditch try by the gun control crowd. I believe, and think they realize, that the coming generation was raised around evil black rifles, where as they have tried to demonize them because they were new to them.

I think on some level they know that if they can't get some gun control legislation out soon, it may be too late. That the coming generation of voters, and legislators are not as extremist on gun control as they themselves are. I believe that it will be harder and harder to project the image of evil onto "assault weapons" because people will be more exposed to them. The younger crowd will have seen them in movies and video games, and will not associate them with a "new type of weapon" as the aging flower children do. To the younger generations, they have been around forever.

If people like my friend Brett can accept the fact that they must be responsible for themselves, then maybe there is hope for rest of the hoplophobes.

These thoughts were brought up by the fact that the liberal gun-grabbing congress has sent to the president a bill with admendment that will allow concealed carry in national parks again. The very thing the gun haters swore to do away with.

Strange times.

Mr Fixit

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TOTWTYTR said...

Strange times indeed. Unfortunately, I'm not so optimistic as you, even though you are cautiously optimistic.

I think at best (or worst) Obama has decided to try an end run on gun control. Either by pushing some UN treaty that will further erode our sovereignty, executive orders, or by moving the USSC to the left.

I really hope you're right and I'm wrong, but if we know one thing, it's that you can't trust liberals.