Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thougts on the drug war

Is it wrong to agree with this:

Mr Fixit

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Randy said...

Well I wouldn't say I agree with all of it but, I certainly don't agree with the drug laws.
Looking at statistics drug use has gone up since drug prohibition, not down. Not to mention that the government was not meant to be our mommy trying to save us from ourselves. If a man wants to smoke or snort himself to death that's his business and as long as he doesn't physically hurt anybody else he should be left to it. You certainly shouldn't take my money and try to save that idiot. Also All that drug violence stems from it being illegal. The fact that its drugs has very little to do with it. You don't hear about the makers of viagra running around killing people. Thats because when they have a dispute they can appeal themselves to the court system. A drug dealer doesn't have this option and therefore must take it upon himself to exact justice.