Monday, April 27, 2009

"Swine Flu" or "ZOMG! We're all gonna die!"

Folks, calm down.

Swine flu is the name given to one of the many many strains of influenza.  It is not magic, new, or more deadly.  This version has been reported to have some new mutations.  That however is something that happens anyway.  There is not "the flu", there is many many strains of virus that are all collectively called the flu.  Every year they offer a vaccine to fight whichever strain they think will be worst that year.

Our Medical Control folks are telling us all to calm down, and use the usual precautions.  Wash your hands, eat well, get enough rest, and try not to be sneezed/puked/coughed on.

Always good advice.

If I hear anything else from our folks or from the ER's,  I'll pass it on.

Mr Fixit

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Anonymous said...

One note: There is no vaccine for this strain at this time. 80 people have died in Mexico, none in the US.

Nothing to get excited about yet, but something to keep an eye on.