Friday, March 13, 2009

Winter Blah

That's the only reason I have for not blogging. Something about this time of year just makes me want to lay down and not get up until summer.

In truth, there is not much new happening. I'm still working on the bathroom, almost finished. I've built new cabinets, stained them, and am in the process of putting the finish coat on. The tile I put down on the floor looks good, the new toilet works. All in all, it's going pretty good, although slower than we wanted.

UPDATE: For those wondering, my son has finally heard from the Air Force Surgeon General. He has been cleared to join. He was quite excited when he called me yesterday. According to him, he will go back to MEPS in Dallas to finish up some paperwork that he wasn't allowed to finish last time. He will then sign the enlistment contract and swear into the Air Force. About 3 months after that, he will leave for basic training.

It looks as if I will be traveling to Austin Texas next week to testify in front of the Senate Committee on Criminal Justice. Texas has a bill in both the House and Senate to make it illegal to fire an employee for carrying a firearm in his or her car while at work. It is being called 'the employees firearm in a car' bill. I will speak to the Senate Committee about this bill, in favor of it of course. Hopefully we can get it out of committee with a favorable recommendation.

Mr Fixit


Gerald said...

Hey, Good news for your son! He will have many opportunities for not only advancement, but for continuing his education if he so desires. Best of luck to him, and I know you are proud of him.

TOTWTYTR said...

Congratulations to your son on the enlistment. Good luck to you on testifying. I'm confident you'll be an effective spokesmen for the gun owners of Texas.